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In terms of experience days, Hampshire offers many things to do, from the city to the seaside to the countryside. Delectable teas, unusual vacations, distillery tours, and more await adventurers in the county of Hampshire. If you’re serious about your trip to Hampshire, check out our list of the greatest things to do, see, and visit while you’re there. It’s jam-packed with ideas. [read more]

About Hampshire

Located in England, Hampshire is one of the country’s forty-seven counties, and its capital is Winchester. North Berkshire, East Surrey and West Sussex, the English Channel and the Solent Strait to the south, and Dorset and Wiltshire to the west are the four counties that make up Hampshire. 0 1 2 In 2010, it had a population of 1,743,700. Many various names have been given to the area throughout the years, including Southamptonshire, Hamptonshire, Old Hampshire, and Southampton County.

For example, Dorset and Wiltshire are located to the west; Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex are located east; and, of course, sea to the south. It has a total land area of around 3,769 square kilometers (1,400 square miles). North to south is 47 miles long, east to west is 90 miles long (53 miles). Administratively separate cities, Portsmouth and Southampton, are part of the ceremonial county. Christchurch and Bournemouth, which are located within the county’s traditional limits, have been incorporated into Dorset since 1974.

The county of Hampshire is a popular vacation spot in England. Portsmouth’s Seaside Area, the Beaulieu Motor Museum, and Thruxton Speedway are only a short drive away from the shoreline. All of the New Forest National Park, as well as a large portion of the South Downs National Park, may be found inside its borders. 3 Portsmouth and Southampton, two of the major ports in the United Kingdom, are located in Hampshire. Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, as well as the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, were born in this county. Bernard Law Montgomery, the WWII Field Marshal who played a key role in the Battle of Al-Amein, was also born in the city. Due to the area’s stunning natural landscape and proximity to the seaside, Hampshire is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike. [/read]

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