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With the debut of bottomless drinks, eating out will be a joyous experience! Downpouring bubbly, infinite cocktails or bottomless Champagne are all part of the trend of limitless drinks in the UK, and it’s fair to predict that they will be around for a long time to come. Drinks range from sparkling champagne to fruity cocktails such as Pimm’s, Bellinis, and Bloody Marys at this exciting new idea, which has already taken the culinary world by storm. You don’t have to be an expert in gin to appreciate these high-end pleasures. A growing number of hip restaurants throughout the nation are offering bottomless drinks, and we’ve got plenty of options to keep you hydrated!

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Bottomles brunch vouchers: The ideal basis for an enjoyable day!

Our bottomless brunches offer the ideal basis for an enjoyable day! For many, a long breakfast is part of their vacation. Unfortunately, especially in the morning, many often lack the time to be able to eat in peace. That is why many love the morning meal in hotels or at home on days off. With our breakfast magic for two you are not only giving away delicious food, but also a touch of vacation.

Breakfast around the world.

While breakfast as the first morning meal is a cross-cultural phenomenon, the design, rituals, timing, duration, but above all the scope and nutritional components of breakfast often differ considerably between and in different cultures.
A sweet breakfast is largely unknown in African and Asian cultures. They like to start the day with a warm soup, rice or steamed vegetables.
In northern and central Europe, especially in Great Britain, breakfast is often the most important, central meal of the day and an external setting for get-togethers with the whole family or domestic community.

The English breakfast is mostly very hearty and high in calories. Beans, sausages, fried vegetables and a fried or scrambled egg can often be found on the breakfast plates of the English. That comes from times when heavy physical work was common. Today, many English people tend to prefer healthy porridge, an oatmeal, which can be supplemented with fruit of their choice in everyday life.
Toast, croissants or rolls with sweet jam, chocolate spread or honey are very popular with most locals.
Many people, on the other hand, have insufficient breakfast on the go or not at all. Some even swear by the so-called French breakfast: a cup of coffee and a cigarette.


Unlike the classic breakfast, an even bigger feast for the senses awaits you with brunch – because it combines two meals of the day. The imperial breakfast and the royal lunch are combined with brunch to form a large gourmet table that promises every sweet tooth the perfect start to the day, albeit a little late.

Brunchen originally came from England at the end of the nineteenth century. Family and friends were invited to a feast in the morning, which could then extend well into the afternoon. That is why the word also consists of the two separate terms breakfast and lunch, together: brunch. Today the cozy Sunday brunch with loved ones has prevailed – also on special occasions such as birthdays.

With a voucher for a brunch, you send a loved one of your choice to a selected hotel, restaurant or café, where they can indulge in a wide variety of culinary delights to their heart's content! All the delicacies from breakfast and lunch are available to choose from: from freshly baked rolls and croissants to hearty main courses, bacon and egg dishes to sweet sins in all variations.

Individual breakfast vouchers also include hot drinks, juice or bottomless Prosecco. In short: with brunch you give your loved ones a perfect start to the day with everything your hungry heart desires! All the delicacies from breakfast and lunch are available to choose from: from freshly baked rolls and croissants to hearty main courses, bacon and egg dishes to sweet sins in all variations.