Flying Gift Experiences

Ever fantasised about gliding through the clouds like a majestic eagle? Or zipping across the sky in a chopper like a scene from your favourite action flick? At Unique Gifting, we turn these whimsical dreams into tangible memories! Whether you’re looking to take the controls in a real-life flight simulator, experience the quiet elegance of gliding, or just want to bask in the stunning landscapes during a helicopter tour over London, we’ve got you covered. How about performing some thrilling stunts mid-air during one of our aerobatic flights? Or maybe, float gently over the Yorkshire countryside in a hot air balloon? The sky’s not the limit with us, it’s the destination!

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Immerse In Virtual Flying

A great experience for aspiring pilots is one of our incredible flight simulator gift experiences. Whether it be a powerful Boeing 737 or a speedy F-35B Lightning jet, you can pick the simulator you most want to try. Take off and land with a commercial aircraft or let loose in combat with a Spitfire MK9. From Cambridgeshire to Cheshire, our flight simulator experiences provide the opportunity of a realistic flying experience. Spread your wings and fly away!

Are You An Aspiring Pilot?

Across the UK you can fulfill your dream of being a pilot with a flying lesson. Alongside an instructor you can enjoy learning how to handle a light aircraft whilst taking in the jaw-dropping views. Other flying experiences include gliding in a microlight or piloting a helicopter. Take your pick from a range of dazzling experiences that will leave you feeling breathless.

Flights With A Difference

If you have a significant other in your life that you want to impress with an unforgettable experience, choose from one of our pleasure flying experiences. Sip from a glass of bubbles while enjoying incredible views as you hover over the Capital in an intimate helicopter ride for two. Pick from 30 convenient locations to enjoy a mesmerising hot air balloon flight. If you are feeling brave opt for one of our skydiving experiences. Take the plunge from thousands of feet before landing safely! Take your pick from one of our unique flight experiences and make an unforgettable memory.

Flying experiences for children, men and women

There are different ways of ascending into airy realms – depending on your taste, there are different adventure gifts. During a sightseeing flight, passengers on board the plane can marvel at their homeland from above or explore enchanting holiday areas from an unfamiliar perspective while traveling. A fresh breeze blows around the passengers’ noses in the hot-air balloon, while they experience the luxurious charm of the Roaring Twenties on a floating tour in the airship, with their gaze always focused on the passing world. A fancy gift idea on the subject of flying is a so-called gourmet flight: an aviation adventure combined with a delicious, multi-course menu – a romantic surprise for your sweetheart or couples of friends.

Things get a little faster in the helicopter. Sometimes you even have the option of using the joystick yourself and maneuvering the machine through the air under supervision. And if that’s not enough excitement, a trip on board a professional aerobatic pilot is a good idea. But be careful: this is not for sensitive stomachs and the faint of heart! Pirouettes, twists and somersaults at dizzying heights need to be dealt with first, so you should think carefully about who you give such an adrenaline-filled experience.

Bungee jumping, for example, is also very action-packed. Only after several meters of free fall does the rope grasp and throw the daring man back up until he finally begins to swing. Or how about a round of base flying? After jumping from a height of around 100 meters, you rush to the ground without braking and only pull the parachute at the last moment.

For parachute beginners, a tandem jump from an airplane is more recommended, because the recipient can concentrate fully on the experience and the breathtaking view, while an experienced jump partner controls the parachute and ensures that both arrive safely.

Flying afraid of heights? On earth, too, things are going high

The fascination of flying is not only reserved for those free from vertigo and fear of heights. There are also numerous adventure offers on the ground that allow your loved ones to take off in a slightly different way. In body flying, for example, the participants, equipped with a special flight suit and protective helmet, float weightlessly in a wind tunnel. If that’s not enough, you can of course also set your sights on the ultimate destination: space. For some years now, private companies have been working on special space tourism offers that also enable non-astronauts to see Mother Earth from space, at least for a short time. An adventure gift for a space excursion naturally also includes prior training and medical checks so that nothing can go wrong in the rocket in the end. On the other hand, if you want to give a present to a down-to-earth contemporary who is interested in aviation, you can give him a lifelike experience in the flight simulator: In the faithfully recreated cockpit of a jumbo jet, he takes responsibility for the machine as the captain. There is a chance to experience a super realistic flight with take-off and landing maneuvers and learn interesting details about instruments and measurement displays.

A voucher for flying transports sky-strikers to cloud nine

Especially with adventure gifts such as a trip to the clouds, it is very important that you think carefully beforehand who you can bring real joy with something like this. These experiences are not for the faint of heart. A good deal of courage is absolutely necessary to jump off the platform – where else would the charm be. Our experiences such as paragliding or a helicopter tour are therefore just the thing for adrenaline junkies. But if you are sure that the person will be happy about such an experience in any case, then you can confidently assume that the flight gift will at least on this day eclipse all other gifts.

With an experience voucher for flights you give away the incomparable feeling of great freedom, as well as completely new views, formative impressions and long-lasting memories.