Cookery Classes

Ever dreamt of whipping up dishes like Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson, or perhaps charming the oven à la Mary Berry? Whatever your culinary fantasy, we’ve got just the thing to elevate your kitchen game. Discover our epic range of cooking classes, from mastering the timeless craft of sushi making to adding a dash of spice with Indian cuisine lessons.

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Master the Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay's 50 Cooking Tips

Ready to transform your home cooking from “meh” to Michelin-worthy? You're in the perfect place! Dive into the following video featuring none other than culinary legend, Gordon Ramsay.

He's dishing out his top cooking tips that have shaped his illustrious career. From knife skills to the perfect seasoning, let the master chef himself elevate your kitchen game. Watch, learn, and prepare to wow your next dinner guests!

Learn Culinary Arts in the Heart of London

Living in or visiting the Big Smoke? Grab those pots and pans, it’s time to finesse your culinary prowess. Get hands-on with a cooking class in London and expand your recipe repertoire. Whether you want to cook up a storm under the guidance of experts at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School or venture into the sweet world of baking, we’ve got you covered.

Express Your Creativity Through Cooking

For the crafty souls who don’t mind a bit of mess, dive into our hands-on cookery courses. Whether it’s indulging your sweet tooth in a gooey chocolate-making class or encouraging the kiddos to embrace their inner chefs with kids’ cooking classes, there’s something to tickle every creative taste bud.


How can I purchase gift vouchers for cookery classes?

You can buy gift vouchers for cookery classes by visiting our website and selecting the gift voucher option. Alternatively, you can purchase them in person at our culinary school.

What types of cookery classes are available for gift vouchers?

We offer a wide range of cookery classes, including gourmet cooking, culinary workshops, and specialized chef training. You can choose the one that suits the recipient’s preferences.

Can I personalize the cookery class gift voucher?

Yes, you can personalize the gift voucher by adding a personalized message and selecting the specific cooking class or experience you want to gift.

Are the gift vouchers transferable?

Our cookery class gift vouchers are usually transferable, but it’s always best to check the terms and conditions for the specific class or workshop you’re interested in.

How long are the gift vouchers valid?

The validity of our cookery class gift vouchers varies, but they typically range from six months to one year. Be sure to check the expiration date when purchasing.

Can I purchase gift vouchers for online cooking classes?

Yes, we offer gift vouchers for both in-person and online cooking classes, allowing the recipient to choose their preferred learning environment.

Do you provide gift wrapping for the cookery class vouchers?

We offer gift wrapping options for an additional fee, making your culinary gift voucher even more special when presented.

What is included in the cookery class gift voucher package?

Our gift vouchers typically include the cost of the cooking class, materials, and sometimes a meal prepared during the class. Specific inclusions may vary by class.

How do I redeem a cookery class gift voucher?

To redeem a gift voucher, simply visit our website, choose the class you want to attend, and enter the voucher code during the booking process. You can also contact us directly for assistance with redemption.

Can I purchase multiple gift vouchers for a group cooking experience?

Yes, you can buy multiple gift vouchers for group cooking experiences, allowing friends and family to enjoy a culinary adventure together.