Zombies And Horror Experiences

Hey there, thrill-seekers! Ever fancied yourself as the hero in a zombie movie? Here’s your shot at living out a heart-pounding adventure in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! Picture this: You’re dropped into a scene that looks like it’s straight out of The Walking Dead, with zombies that have a particular craving for human snacks. Yup, you read it right—there’s no escape. The apocalypse is here and you’ve got to make like a zombie hunter and clean up the place.


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What Happens During a Zombie Survival Experience?

Spend an action-packed day among the undead, complete with zombie mayhem and dangerous escapes. As soon as you've put on your protective vests and eye protection, you'll be instructed how to operate all of your Airsoft weapons. After there, it's down to you and your team to accomplish your mission goals. These are high-octane adventures geared toward delivering as many highs and lows as possible.

Be prepared to shed a lot of tears, sweat, and blood! A lot of darkness and roughness and tumble is in store. An enormous amount of gloom. Let's see what you've got in store for us. Get ready for intense zombie infection, weapons or boot camp adventure to prove it.

Are You Up For the Challenge?

From the country’s last safe manor houses to frantic mall escapades—your quest for survival is anything but ordinary. Oh, did we mention? Spoiler alert! That manor isn’t as safe as it seems; it’s crawling with the undead. Got the guts to face this fleshy mayhem? Time to prove it!

What Awaits You in a Zombie Survival Extravaganza?

Turn up the excitement with a jam-packed day out that’s all about zombie survival, insane escapes, and killer weaponry. After decking yourself out in body armor and goggles, you’ll get your hands on some rad Airsoft weapons. Sweat, blood, and tears—expect it all, along with your objectives that only the bravest of squads can accomplish. Think you have what it takes to reclaim the country from its zombie tenants? Now’s the moment to show you’ve got the mettle.

Unravel the Mystery in Zombie Escape Rooms

Whoa, hold on! Fancy solving riddles while dodging zombie bites? Try your skills at our collection of zombie escape rooms. The clock’s ticking and the monsters are closing in! Prove you can keep your wits about you as you battle both time and zombies. Can you make it out alive?


What Exactly Are Zombies And Horror Experiences?

Zombies and Horror Experiences are interactive events designed to get your adrenaline pumping. They typically involve survival games, haunted houses, or immersive zombie apocalypse scenarios. They’re the perfect experience gift vouchers for thrill-seeking individuals who love a good spine-chilling adventure.

Are These Experiences Safe?

Absolutely. Safety is a top priority for all our horror experiences and zombie apocalypse events. All activities are supervised by trained professionals to ensure a spine-chilling yet secure environment.

What Types of Zombie and Horror Experiences Are Available?

We offer a range of options, from haunted house tours to interactive survival games and even virtual reality horror experiences. If you’re after something truly immersive, consider a full-blown zombie apocalypse event.

How Long Do These Experiences Last?

Duration varies based on the experience. Escape rooms may last an hour, while a full zombie apocalypse scenario can go on for up to three hours. Read the details carefully when purchasing your experience gift vouchers.

Can I Buy Experience Gift Vouchers for These Activities?

Absolutely, you can. Experience gift vouchers make it easy to gift these unique, thrill-seeking experiences to friends and family.

What Should I Wear?

Opt for comfortable and practical clothing. Keep in mind that some experiences like survival games might require a fair bit of physical activity. Dress accordingly.

Can Children Participate in These Experiences?

Age requirements differ depending on the experience. While some are suitable for teenagers, others are strictly 18 and over due to the intense and spine-chilling nature.

Do I Need to Book in Advance?

Yes, due to the interactive and immersive nature of these events, advance booking is essential. Especially around Halloween, these events tend to sell out quickly.

Are There Any Health Restrictions?

Certain experiences, particularly those involving intense physical activity or virtual reality horror, may have health restrictions. Check the guidelines before making a booking.

Is It Possible to Capture the Moments on Camera?

In most cases, personal photography isn’t allowed to maintain the immersive and spine-chilling atmosphere. However, some experiences offer professional photos as keepsakes.

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