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Microlight flights are indeed the flying experience of dreams for those looking for a more basic microlight flying experience, with just a tiny cockpit, a few wheels beneath, and a very big wingspan to carry you high in the sky. With a wide range of departure points, you may fly from any part of the nation. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the British countryside that you can’t get from any other mode of transportation. You may select from a large range of microlight aircraft. Rather of the more usual 180-degree views offered by microlights, some are like a tiny, light aircraft.

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Gift Certificates for a Microlight Flight.

Take control of the microlight for the first lesson in flying, or sit back and enjoy the view while the pilot navigates over breathtaking terrain. As a birthday present, this might be a wonderful gift for anybody who enjoys flying, whether it's a man, woman, or couple.

Microlight flights FAQ

What should I wear on a microlight flight?

There is no need to dress up; you'll be comfortable in casual clothes. You will, however, need to remove your shoes and anything that might interfere with your safety on the aircraft.

Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, there is a weight limit for passengers of please check each experience listing before purchase.

What does a microlight flight include?

A certified instructor will teach you how to fly the microlight. You'll be able to take control of it for a first lesson in flying, or sit back and enjoy the view while the pilot navigates over breathtaking terrain. For those looking to try something different from their usual activities, this light aircraft ride is an exciting alternative! During the experience, you may see landmarks such as Stonehenge and Bath as well as panoramic views of everything from rolling countryside to Scotland's craggy landscapes. Whether you're treating yourself, your friends or loved ones to birthday presents, Christmas gifts or just because they love flying, a microlight flight could be perfect for them!