Vintage Plane Flight Experience Days

While aviation has advanced tremendously over the last thirty years, we often forget to enjoy the beauty of flying as well as its history. When it comes to flying, there’s no better way to get a taste of the past than to take a trip back in time with a vintage flight experience at Unique Gifting.


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                  Experiences on Vintage Planes

                  In addition to Tiger Moths and Chipmunks, there are also Spitfires in this impressive collection. If you've ever wanted to learn to fly like a fighter pilot but don't have the budget for one, this is an excellent solution.

                  Exciting Flights on a Vintage Plane

                  You can get a true sense of what it's like to learn how to fly in the past by participating in one of our experience days, which utilise aircraft that were originally used by the RAF for instruction. Once in the air, you'll get a sense of what it was like for the pilots who weren't ready to take on the missions they would later confront.

                  Spitfire Flight Experiences

                  Another great experience is to take the controls of a Spitfire. This iconic, single-seat fighter was once at the forefront of British aerial combat during World War II. It helped to repel some of history's most infamous enemies and brought hope where there was resistance. Fly a SpitFire over the English Channel and get a taste of that power yourself.

                  Tiger Moth Flight Experiences

                  The Tiger Moth was the first aircraft to be designed for homebuilt purposes. The open cockpit makes it easy to imagine life in a time when this biplane ruled the skies, and you can experience some of its power with one of our experiences on a vintage plane.

                  Tiger Moths were often used as primary training planes during World War II. They proved so capable and versatile that they were still in military service up until the early 1960s, and you can fly one for yourself on a vintage plane experience.

                  Take to the Skies with Vintage Planes

                  Flying is a wonderful way to escape your day-to-day problems and rediscover what makes this thing called life worth living. Whether you want to learn how to fly, or just get your blood pumping, taking a trip on one of these vintage planes will be an experience that sticks with you forever.