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Ready to be a Modern-Day Houdini? If you’re a puzzle whiz with a dash of Sherlock Holmes, our thrilling escape rooms are right up your alley! Perfect for a day out with your puzzle-loving pals, a date night that shatters all clichés, or even an ice-breaking office event. We promise you’ll be rolling with laughter and bonding like never before. The only catch? Will you break free or be locked in forever?

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What is an escape room experience?

Escape Rooms usually start off by giving everyone who signs up one or two minutes to look around before the game starts. This gives players an opportunity to assess their situation and make a game plan for what they are going to do as a team.

After some time, you start hearing a loud buzzing sound coming from some of the lights in the room or some other area where nobody had been looking. Everybody looks over at this area and sees that it is being covered up by some sort of metal plate. After everyone questions why a slow robotic voice mentions that this will be your first puzzle and that you have one minute before it comes off.

Test Your Skills with an Escape Room Gift Voucher

Eager to unravel enigmatic clues and tackle brain-twisting riddles? We’ve got custom-crafted escape rooms that cater to every personality, budget, and taste. Whether you’re keen to ace the ticking clock in The Crystal Maze, or dive into a heart-pounding adventure at The Bear Grylls Adventure, we’ve got something that’ll keep you on your toes. Spoiler alert: It’s so enthralling, you’ll want to book your next escape challenge before you even leave!

Family Escape Rooms

Tired of the same old family outings? Let’s ratchet up the excitement with our family-friendly escape rooms! Designed to captivate every age group, you can pick from an array of themes and locations across the UK. It’s the perfect recipe for a family day out with a twist you won’t soon forget.

So, put on your thinking caps and assemble your team of masterminds. Are you ready to escape the ordinary?


What is an Escape Room Experience?

An escape room is an interactive experience that involves solving a series of puzzles, clues, and brain teasers within a time limit. It’s a thrilling team-building exercise wrapped in a narrative adventure.

How Do I Buy a Gift Voucher for an Escape Room Experience?

Buying a gift voucher for an escape room is straightforward. Navigate to the gift voucher section on our website and select the escape room adventure game option. Complete the checkout process, and you’ll receive the voucher via email.

Can the Gift Voucher be Customized?

Absolutely. Gift vouchers can include a personalized message and can be designed to fit various immersive environments and challenges available in the escape room options.

Are there Age Restrictions for Escape Rooms?

Yes, there are age restrictions. The intricacy of puzzles and the narrative may vary, so check the details on the strategy and room design elements for specific age requirements.

Can a Large Group Participate in the Escape Room Experience?

Indeed, escape rooms are fantastic for team-building and can often accommodate larger groups. However, each room has its maximum capacity for the best interactive experience.

What Should I Wear to an Escape Room?

Dress comfortably. You’ll be moving around, solving clues, and engaging in various challenges, so athletic or casual wear is advisable.

Is it Safe to Participate in an Escape Room?

Safety is a priority. Escape rooms are designed to be mentally challenging but physically safe. You’re never truly ‘locked in,’ and there’s always a way to exit if necessary.

Are There Different Types of Escape Rooms?

Absolutely. From mystery themes to science fiction narratives, escape rooms come in various room designs and immersive environments. You can select based on your interests.

How Long Does an Escape Room Experience Last?

The experience generally lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, including the initial briefing and the actual time limit for solving the room.

What if We Can’t Solve All the Puzzles?

No worries! The primary aim is to have fun and enjoy the challenges. Even if you don’t escape in time, you’ll gain an unforgettable experience and maybe some problem-solving skills!