Zorbing Experience Days

Whoa, adrenaline junkies, do we have something special for you! How about adding a new dimension of thrill to your next adventure? Imagine rolling down a hill at 30mph, encased in a massive zorb ball! Whether you want to stay dry on land or make a big splash in the water, we’ve got your zorbing cravings sorted. Yep, whether it’s for you or you’re hunting for the ultimate gift, our variety of zorbing experiences and duo zorbing packages have you more than covered!

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Water-based zorbing

Take advantage of a fun day out. You can walk on water without getting wet by climbing inside a large translucent sphere and diving into the water like a swan. As you roll around in the water, try to keep your balance. Indulge yourself in this exhilarating adventure.

Land-based Zorbing

Dry zorbing is the ideal adventure activity for those who like to stay on dry ground. Your very own inflatable ball may propel you up to 30mph as you roll down the hills. If you're looking for a bit more speed or aren't confident on the water, these alternatives are ideal.

Make Waves with Water Zorbing

Ready to defy gravity and walk on water? Dive into a jaw-dropping day out and get yourself into a transparent, oversized sphere. It’s like being a duck, but a thousand times cooler! Struggle, tumble, or gracefully glide on water—either way, you’re in for a rollin’ good time that’ll have you flipping with joy.

The Need for Speed: Dry Zorbing

More of a land lover? No worries! Dry zorbing has got your back. Picture this: You’re hurtling through scenic fields, cocooned in your own inflatable ball, and hitting speeds up to 30mph as you roll your way downhill. If a watery escapade isn’t your cup of tea, or you just crave that extra bit of speed, dry zorbing is your ticket to thrillville!

So, are you ready to roll into one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life? We thought so!