Bungee Jumping Experiences

Ready, Set, BUNGEE! Are you on a quest to find the ultimate adrenaline fix? Or maybe you’re the thrill-seeker wanting to stare down your fear of heights. Imagine plummeting earthward at breakneck speeds, from way up high, and feeling like a gravity-defying superhero! With locations all over the UK, including the iconic London’s The O2, indoor spots, and even tandem jumps, we’ve got all your bungee cravings sorted. Time to dive into the abyss of endless exhilaration!


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Celebrate an Occasion with a Couples Tandem Bungee Jump

Why keep the pulse-pounding thrill to yourself? Double the fun with a heart-stopping tandem bungee experience. Picture this: both of you, strapped together, taking the leap from a 160-foot platform. Now that’s what we call a uniquely shared gift for daredevil couples! Got any audacious pals in mind?

Bridge Bungee Jump

Embrace the challenge of a lifetime with a jaw-dropping bridge jump! Suspended 200 feet in the air, you’ll be tethered only by a bungee cord as you make the leap. It’s an unforgettable, hair-raising escapade that’s not for the weak-kneed!

Fancy an Indoor Bungee Jump?

If nature’s whimsy isn’t for you, no worries! Take the plunge in a controlled environment with an indoor skydive. Step into The Abyss at Magna and leap from the world’s tallest indoor bungee platform, 150 feet in the air and shrouded in semi-darkness. Talk about a plunge into the unknown!

So, enough talk. Let’s jump into the experience of a lifetime!


What Is a Bungee Jumping Experience?

A bungee jumping experience is the ultimate adrenaline rush. It involves jumping off a tall structure, such as a bridge or crane, while attached to a safety harness and bungee cords. It’s a freefall experience that leaves your heart pounding.

How Do I Buy a Bungee Jumping Gift Voucher?

Buying a gift voucher for a bungee jumping experience is simple. Head over to the gift voucher section of our website, select the bungee jumping option, and complete the purchase.

Is Bungee Jumping Safe?

Safety is our top priority. All jump platforms and safety harnesses meet strict safety regulations. Plus, our team of professionals ensure that all health precautions are followed for a safe and thrilling experience.

Are There Height and Weight Limitations?

Yes, height requirements and weight limitations do apply. Generally, jumpers must be between certain height and weight ranges to ensure the safety harness fits correctly.

Can I Do a Tandem Jump?

Tandem jumps are a great way to share the thrill-seeking experience. Most locations offer this option, so you and a friend can experience the adrenaline rush together.

How Stretchy Are the Bungee Cords?

Bungee cords have a specific level of cord elasticity designed to give you a thrilling but safe freefall. They are routinely inspected for wear and tear.

What Types of Jump Locations Are Available?

There are various jump locations available, from bridges to cliffs and even specially designed cranes. Each provides a unique experience gift opportunity.

What Should I Wear for Bungee Jumping?

Comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement is recommended. It’s also advised to wear closed-toe shoes that securely fasten to your feet.

What Are the Health Precautions Before Jumping?

Prior to the jump, a quick health check is usually required. This ensures that you are physically fit to withstand the adrenaline rush and the physical requirements of the jump.

Do You Offer Any Other Adventure Sports Experience Gifts?

Absolutely, besides bungee jumping, we offer a wide array of adventure sports and experience gifts, such as flight simulators, microlight flights, and driving experiences.

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Feel the rush, make the jump!

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