Thames River Cruises & Experiences

Imagine breaking away from London’s lively streets to navigate the serene waters of the Thames. Picture yourself catching awe-inspiring views of landmarks like the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye as you drift along the river. Interested in upping the sightseeing ante? Mix your cruise adventure with a day spent amidst the botanical beauty of Kew Gardens or grab panoramic vistas from The View from The Shard. Trust us, a Thames cruise takes sightseeing to dizzying new heights!

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Fancy Dining While Floating? Thames Dinner Cruise!

Yearning to add a dash of gourmet glamour to your river journey? Why not feast on decadent food as you float? Whether it’s a lavish Bateaux cruise complete with a five-course dinner or a casual evening cruise featuring bubbles and canapes, our gourmet options promise to make your taste buds dance in delight!

Tea Time on the Thames: A Quintessentially British Affair

Ready for a treat that’s as British as it gets? Elevate your Thames escapade with a sumptuous afternoon tea. Opt for the classic treats or shake it up with a spirited gin afternoon tea. Either way, you’re in for a delightful day out in London’s buzzing heart!


What Types of Thames River Cruises Are Available?

There are various types of Thames River Cruises to choose from. Whether you’re interested in Thames Sightseeing, a Thames Dinner Cruise, or a Thames Sunset Cruise, there’s something for everyone. You can also opt for specialized Thames River Tours that focus on Thames River History or Thames River Landmarks.

How Do I Purchase Thames River Gift Vouchers?

Purchasing Thames River Gift Vouchers is a breeze. Simply visit our experience days for couples page and select the Thames River Cruise of your choice. Gift vouchers make for an excellent experience gift for loved ones.

What Are the Must-See Thames River Landmarks?

The Thames River is rich in history and landmarks. Some must-see Thames River Landmarks include the Tower of London, London Eye, and the Houses of Parliament. These sights are often included in Thames Sightseeing cruises.

Are There Special Thames River Events?

Yes, there are special Thames River Events throughout the year. These range from firework displays to themed Thames River Tours. Keep an eye on our Thames River Special Offers for discounted tickets.

What Is the Best Time for Thames River Wildlife Spotting?

The best time for Thames River Wildlife spotting is during the spring and summer months. You can often see various bird species and occasionally seals during your Thames Boat Ride.

Can I Have Dinner on a Thames River Cruise?

Absolutely, a Thames Dinner Cruise is one of the most popular Thames River Activities. Enjoy a sumptuous meal as you cruise past iconic Thames River Landmarks.

What Are the Ticket Options for Thames River Cruises?

Thames River Tickets come in various options. You can purchase single, return, or even group tickets. Special Thames River Gift Vouchers are also available for those looking to gift an unforgettable experience.

How Long Do Thames River Cruises Last?

The duration of Thames River Cruises varies depending on the type of cruise. Thames Sightseeing cruises are generally shorter, while a Thames Dinner Cruise or Thames Night Cruise could last several hours.

Is There a Dress Code for Thames River Cruises?

While there’s no strict dress code for most Thames River Activities, some Thames Dinner Cruises and Thames Night Cruises may require formal attire.

Are Thames River Cruises Accessible?

Yes, many Thames River Cruises are accessible and offer facilities for individuals with mobility issues. Always check in advance to ensure the cruise meets your specific needs.