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The best way to please a gourmet is to treat them to a scrumptious eating experience! Whether they like river cruises on the Thames, mediaeval feasts, or real Italian meals at Prezzo, our selection of restaurant certificates will please even the most discerning of palates. Whether you’re looking for a fancy dining experience or a more down-to-earth eating experience, you’ll find it here

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A Michelin-starred dining experience or an informal lunch meeting with friends might be the perfect way to mark an occasion. It's a great idea if you intend to visit London to eat some fantastic food. Indulge in a wonderful dining experience at The Gherkin, The Savoy or Harrods after taking in the sights of London.

Give a Gift Certificate for a Favorite Restaurant to Someone You Care About!

Find mouthwatering meal coupons to sate your appetite! Get your day off to a great start with a bottomless breakfast, or take a scenic train ride on the Northern Belle. Indulge your sweet taste with an afternoon tea, or mix your wine with fruity drinks and a delicious shared plate at The View from The Shard. There are so many options when it comes to eating!

FAQ for Dining Out & Restaurant Gift Vouchers

What are Dining Out & Restaurant Gift Vouchers?

Dining Out & Restaurant Gift Vouchers offer a whole new level of culinary experience. They’re your golden ticket to fine dining, incredible wine pairings, and exclusive chef’s table experiences. Think of them as pre-paid reservations to gastronomic delights.

Can I Customize the Restaurant Gift Voucher?

Absolutely. You can opt for a generic meal voucher or go gourmet. Curate an entire three-course meal or just a divine tasting menu. Flexibility is key here!

Where Can I Redeem These Vouchers?

You can redeem your vouchers at a variety of establishments— bistros, fine dining restaurants, and even specific eateries known for their unique cuisine.

Are Wine and Beverages Included?

Most of the time, beverages like wine pairing are an additional option. However, some vouchers include a complete food and beverage experience.

How Long are the Vouchers Valid?

Typically, dining experience vouchers are valid for 12 to 24 months. That gives you plenty of time to plan your culinary outing.

Can I Book a Chef’s Table Experience?

Oh, yes! A chef’s table is often a unique option available for a truly intimate and gastronomic evening.

Is There a Vegan or Vegetarian Option?

Many restaurants offer vegan or vegetarian tasting menus. Just specify your dietary needs when making your reservation.

How Does the Reservation Process Work?

Once you have your dining voucher, you can directly contact the restaurant for a reservation. Some might even allow you to secure a spot online.

Can I Exchange My Voucher?

Usually, gift vouchers are non-refundable but can be transferred. You could opt for a different culinary experience, depending on the restaurant’s policy.

Are There Any Restrictions on Dining Times?

Most restaurants have some restrictions, especially for fine dining and chef’s table experiences. Check the details before making your reservation.

Bonus: Can I Combine This With Other Experience Gifts?

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