Flight Simulator Experiences

Is being a pilot something you’ve always wanted to do? Or do you like the exhilaration of taking to the skies? Grab the opportunity to soar high in one of a variety of exciting flight simulators available in the UK. In order to prepare pilots for real-world conditions, they regularly employ these simulated flights. Immerse yourself in a wide range of fascinating and realistic flight experiences. Travel the globe and face the difficulties of an exact flying scenario. It doesn’t matter what kind of plane you would like to fly, there really are lots different flight simulators to choose from. If you know an aircraft fan, organize a fun day for them that includes everything they could possibly want.

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                Flight Simulator – Spitfire

                Enjoy an exhilarating experience with a Spitfire flying simulator at the National Museum of Flight. For much of the Second World War, they dominated the sky. Experience a thrilling duel in the sky by going back in time. Land this incredible fighter aircraft with ease and precision. An interactive aircraft simulator experience honoring British national pride can teach you how to fly and get you off the ground.

                There are different flight simulators available with an instructor so you can learn how to control the aircraft. Go back in time and learn everything about this symbol of British national pride. It's not just an interactive experience, it's also educational with many fun facts, including videos on past pilots that flew Spitfires into battle.

                You'll learn the controls, how it's maneuvered and flown. There are also different skill levels to suit any level of expertise.

                Flight Simulator – Boeing 737

                The flight simulator experience at the Flight Experience Days is a great opportunity to learn more about a commercial aeroplane up close and personal. You can try your hand at flying a Boeing 737 that's used by over 60 airlines worldwide. The number of training pilots goes through makes this an extremely valuable experience for anyone who's serious about flying.

                The Boeing 737 is often used as an easy entry into the commercial airline industry and it takes just 100 hours of flight time to qualify as a pilot. This simulator allows you to complete the exact training required by experienced pilots.

                It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or already have some experience, this Boeing 737 experience is suitable for everyone. With a team of experienced instructors, you're guaranteed to learn a lot about flying a commercial aeroplane. Fly through different landscapes and weather conditions and experience the cockpit of the Boeing 737.