Zip Wire Experiences

Hey thrill-seekers, are you ready for an exhilarating ride? Buckle up, grasp that wire, and leap into the sky for a heart-pounding, palm-sweating zip lining escapade! This isn’t just another day at the park; it’s a pulse-pounding day out that’s perfect for every member of your adventure squad. So, let’s dive into our sensational picks for zip lining, featuring The Bear Grylls Adventure, Go Ape, Zip World, and the Eden Project!

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Have you ever wanted to zip line through the trees?

Well, now is your chance! We’re here to help you experience this incredible adventure! Whether it’s for a birthday party, corporate team building activity or just because you want to have fun – we can make that happen. Our zips are high and fast so there’s no time for fear once you step off the platform. You won't regret it!

Conquer the Heights at The Bear Grylls Adventure

Ready to awaken your inner daredevil? Make your way to The Bear Grylls Adventure basecamp in Birmingham. Suit up, snap on your helmet, and gear up for Europe’s tallest high ropes. At a jaw-dropping 65 feet, it’s more than just a challenge—it’s a bravery gauntlet! The high ropes come with rolling beams, ladder bridges, and a whole lot of guts and glory. So, are you gutsy enough? Don’t miss this sky-high adventure!

Zoom Through Scenery at Zip World

Experience the world’s fastest seated zip line at Zip World! Get comfy and get ready to zoom across the stunning Welsh countryside. This is more than your average zip lining; it’s an unforgettable, high-speed voyage. Catch your rush of a lifetime as you soar!

Unleash Your Wild Side at Go Ape’s Zip Lining Spectacle

Looking for a day filled with sky-high adventures and scenic vistas? Head straight to Go Ape’s Zip Trekking Adventure. Covering over 3km of zip lines, this is your ticket to scenic flying across the Lake District. Feel the wind whip through your hair as you soar beside the legendary Douglas firs! Time to elevate your adventure game.

Ride the Sky at the Eden Project

Last but not least, venture to the Eden Project for a sky ride unlike any other! As England’s fastest and longest zip wire, you can whoosh above the biomes at speeds that can touch 60 mph! Experience the Eden Project and the Cornish countryside from a bird’s eye view—a view you’ll never forget! Find your unique flying experience today.

Zip Wire FAQ

What the world’s fastest zip line?

Zip world penrhyn quarry offers the world’s fastest zip wire reaching speeds over 100 miles per hour.

Where is Zip world penrhyn quarry located?

Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, and offers some of the best food and drink, all of which are produced from within the region.

How does a zip wire work?

A zip wire is simply a cable that you can glide along using two handles. These cables are attached to either high up trees or towers. When we say ‘glide’ we mean that it’s possible to travel very quickly and precisely along the wire, although it should be noted that this is not like bungee jumping as there is no bouncing involved.

What are zip wires used for?

Zip wires have been around for thousands of years, but they have only recently started to become a keenly sought-after activity. In the past few decades, people have realised that ziplining is an awesome way to get from A to B quickly and in a fun manner.

People who go zip lining are often interested in trying something a bit different – something which will give them a thrill while still being an activity that they enjoy. Zip wires are becoming increasingly popular as a result of this, and people who have participated in zip lining say that it is one of the most exciting adventures they have ever undertaken.

Do heavier people go faster on zip wires?

In short, no. In fact, people of all shapes and sizes can enjoy zip lines as long as their weight falls within the required limits for a particular line. People within a certain limit go at a similar speed to one another – zip lines are not something that favours fitter people over less-fit friends

Are zip wires safe?

Ziplines are certainly seen as being safe. The materials used in zip lines are specifically chosen for their strength and flexibility – your safety is, of course, very important to us!

Do I need previous experience to go ziplining?

No experience is necessary to have an awesome time on a zipline! Many people who partake in zip lining are complete novices, but even experts in adventure sports won’t find themselves out of their depth.

Can I go ziplining with my family?

Yes, you can! Ziplines are suitable for all ages and abilities, including kids. If your children are old enough to grasp the concept of holding onto the handles while they zip along, then there is nothing stopping them from having a great time on our courses.

How long does it take to fully complete a course?

The length of time it takes to get through a standard line depends on how fast you move along the wire – it varies from around 30 seconds to three minutes for an average person. Of course, this doesn’t include getting changed into safety gear or waiting for others to finish.

How high up am I on a zip wire?

This will depend on the specific location that you visit, but more often than not, you will be around 50 feet off the ground at most. Of course, this distance is relative to your starting point – some lines are more of a downward slope than an upward one!

Can I do ziplining if I suffer from vertigo?

Vertigo can affect anyone and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try your best on our courses. If you’re worried about feeling sick or getting dizzy then it would be advisable for you to take medication beforehand. Our guides are always available at our sites to help maintain peace of mind, so don’t hesitate to talk with them if you have any concerns at all!

Do I need to be fit to go ziplining?

Not at all. Our courses are designed for people of all shapes and sizes – even those who are less active or have long-term injuries could still enjoy an awesome zip line experience without being worried about their fitness levels.

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