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An exciting helicopter trip will test your fear of heights and take you to the heavens. Helicopters are the ideal mode of transportation for leisurely sightseeing from the air, providing a unique viewpoint and breathtaking views. For those who want to fly alone or with a loved one in a helicopter, we’ve put together a stunning array of helicopter gift ideas. With such a helicopter lesson or one of our chopper flights, you’ll get a unique perspective on the world around you.

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What Does a Helicopter Ride Cost?

According on the quantity and length of passengers, a helicopter flight might cost anywhere from £34 to £299.

Flights in a Helicopter for Sightseeing

A breathtaking helicopter tour of London will give you a unique perspective on the city. Enjoy the wonder of the views below and see London as you've never seen it before. As you soar to dizzying heights, take in a beautiful bird's-eye perspective of the landmarks.

A helicopter tour of London lets you view Tower Bridge,  the Shard, and the Houses of Parliament, among other things. A helicopter trip above London will make you feel as though you've been whisked away as a superstar.

Helicopter Training

The ultimate adrenaline thrill in the air is a helicopter ride. You may learn how to fly a helicopter by taking a helicopter tutorial from our unique flying collection. Piloting these nimble aircraft is exciting with both the ability to go forward, backward, and side-to-side.

A certified professional will provide expert advice and a safety briefing during the flight lesson. Enjoy anything from a half-hour flight to a full day of helicopter instruction.


What Is a Helicopter Experience & Ride?

A Helicopter Experience & Ride is an airborne adventure where participants are taken on a rotorcraft flight. Typically piloted by a professional aviator, these experiences offer breathtaking aerial views and the sensation of vertical takeoff and landing.

Who Is Eligible for Helicopter Experiences & Rides?

Most people can enjoy helicopter rides, although there may be age, weight, and health restrictions. It’s essential to consult with the provider to ensure you meet their criteria, especially if you’re considering this as a gift voucher for someone else.

How Safe Are Helicopter Experiences & Rides?

Helicopter experiences prioritize safety above all. Pilots are certified aviators with extensive training on rotorcraft, and the chopper undergoes regular maintenance checks to ensure its optimum condition before taking to the skies.

What Can I Expect During Takeoff and Landing?

During vertical takeoff, you’ll feel the chopper lift directly upwards before transitioning into forward motion. Landing involves the reverse process, where the helicopter hovers before gently descending onto the landing pad.

How Long Does a Helicopter Experience Last?

The duration of a helicopter ride can vary but typically ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. Longer experiences may be available, offering more comprehensive aerial views and a diverse flight path.

Can I Take Pictures During the Helicopter Experience?

Absolutely! Capturing the skyline and the stunning vistas from altitude is one of the highlights of any helicopter experience. Just make sure your camera is securely strapped to avoid any accidents.

Is Prior Flying Experience Needed?

No prior flying experience is required for enjoying a helicopter ride. The pilot will handle all the aspects of the flight, allowing you to focus on the aerial view and the unique sensation of hovering at different altitudes.

What Should I Wear for the Helicopter Experience?

Comfortable clothing is advisable for the helicopter ride. Open-toed shoes and loose accessories are usually discouraged for safety reasons in the cockpit.

Can I Choose the Flight Path for My Helicopter Experience?

Some providers offer customizable flight paths, allowing you to select specific landmarks or skylines you wish to see from an airborne perspective. However, the final flight path is often determined by the pilot, based on safety and weather conditions.

Is a Helicopter Experience Available as a Gift Voucher?

Yes, gift vouchers for helicopter experiences make for an unforgettable gift. They allow the recipient to schedule their rotorcraft adventure at a time that’s most convenient for them.

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