Flying Lesson Gift Experiences

Hey, dreamer! Tired of just looking at the sky and wishing you could soar through it? Take that dream off your bucket list and give it wings with our astonishing range of flying lessons. If you know someone with their eyes fixed on the heavens, give them a gift that truly transcends—a gift of flight! With flight schools all over the UK, your aspirations are only limited by how high you dare to fly!

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So Many Planes, So Little Time: Your Choices in Aircraft

Decisions, decisions! We’ve got a fleet of aircraft to choose from. Fancy gliding peacefully through the air? Or is microlight flying more your speed? Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered. Get the hang of it first in a flight simulator, or jump straight into the cockpit with a helicopter lesson. Are vintage planes what really get your heart racing? Great news—our offerings even include ex-military aircraft like the T67 Firefly and Super Cub L18C. The real question is, which airborne adventure will you pick?

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun: Lesson Durations

From quick 30-minute sessions that give you a taste of the sky, to all-day pilot training extravaganzas, we’ve got flight durations to fit every pocket and purpose. Whether you’re up for a short, exhilarating jaunt or keen on an extended journey through the clouds, there’s an experience awaiting every wannabe pilot!


What Are Flying Lesson Gift Experiences?

Flying Lesson Gift Experiences are the ultimate aviation adventure for anyone intrigued by the art of flying. Whether it’s for leisure or pilot training, these experiences offer a hands-on flight lesson under the guidance of CAA-approved instructors. You’ll get to learn basic aircraft control and even take the helm during the sky training session.

How Do I Purchase a Flying Lesson Voucher?

It’s simple. Visit our Flying Experiences page, find the experience that captivates you the most, and make your purchase online. You’ll receive a Flying Lesson Voucher via email, which makes for an ideal airborne gift.

Are There Different Types of Flying Lessons?

Absolutely. We offer various aerial adventures, from beginner’s flying lessons to more advanced pilot training. For tech-savvy enthusiasts, we also provide Flight Simulator Experiences that offer a virtual cockpit experience.

What’s Included in a Microlight Flight?

Our Microlight Flights include a complete aviation experience. You’ll be briefed on safety and the basics of aircraft control before you go on an unforgettable hands-on flight, soaring through the skies.

Is This Experience CAA Approved?

Yes, our flying lesson experiences are all CAA Approved. Safety and quality are our top priorities, so rest assured, you’re in skilled hands.

How Long Does a Typical Flying Lesson Last?

The duration of the flying lesson depends on the package you choose. Generally, sky training sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour of airplane ride time.

Can I Record My Aviation Experience?

Most definitely! We encourage you to capture your cockpit experience. Just make sure to discuss this with your instructor beforehand.

Are There Any Age or Health Restrictions?

There may be age and health restrictions depending on the specific flying experience. Always check the terms and conditions before purchasing a voucher.

What Should I Wear for My Aerial Adventure?

Comfort is key. Opt for casual, weather-appropriate clothing. Closed-toe shoes are a must for safety reasons.

Can My Friends and Family Watch?

Yes, spectators are welcome but may be subject to venue restrictions. It’s an excellent way for your loved ones to be part of your hands-on flight experience.

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