Supercar Driving Experiences

We have the perfect experience gift for you! Our Super Car Driving Experience days are a great way to treat someone special. You’ll get behind the wheel of some of the world’s most iconic supercars and drive them on a real race track. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time driving these cars or not, our professional instructors will guide you through everything from how to start up your car, what gear to use and where to brake so that everyone can enjoy their day at full speed. With over 20 years in business, we represent one of the UK’s leading providers of driving experiences with an unrivalled reputation for quality and customer service.

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                  The History of the Supercar

                  What is a supercar? What makes it so unique? Is The car that defines this term for most people these days is the Lamborghini.

                  Lamborghini is an Italian manufacturer of sports cars with headquarters in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy.

                  Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company on April 28, 1963. It sells luxury sportscars and has released many models over the years since its founding. Each one is more expensive than their predecessors, but each model also includes improvements to engine power or style over the previous models they have made. Lamborghini has sold just under 10,000 cars worldwide since 1986 and has about 2200 dealerships around the world.

                  The term supercar is often used to describe luxury, high-performance sports cars that are usually not available for purchase by the public. This phrase was first used in 1919 by an editorial staff member at “Automobile Quarterly” magazine. After seeing one of the first examples of a now-legendary model produced by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini – it soon became an almost generic term for this type of car.

                  Their powerful engines and sleek design characterise supercars. Those who can also afford to buy them enjoy driving them as much as possible, with many taking part in track days across the country so that they can race these beasts on specially adapted circuits that have been designed just for the supercars.

                  Supercar Drive Days

                  Supercar drive experiences where anyone can drive not one but several supercars, giving fans the chance to get behind the wheel of these fantastic cars. Supercar experiences are all about living out your motoring fantasies! Get behind the wheel of a supercar. Drive it as you stole it! Our list of supercars include:

                  Drive a Ferrari

                  Driving a Ferrari is a dream for many people. It doesn't matter that the cars are actually quite hard to handle as they have been designed more or less as this type of car, allowing those who can afford it to live out their motoring fantasies on these fantastic tracks. Check out our Ferrari driving days

                  Drive a Lamborghini

                  When you get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini you can't help but smile! These cars are just pure fun to drive. The suspension for these cars is incredibly stiff which makes them handle very well. You can get involved in a Lamborghini driving experience here.

                  Drive a Mclaren

                  These sleek racing beasts are extremely fast with mind-blowing acceleration. Driving a McLaren is one of the fastest experiences you can have driving on our tracks. Mclaren are well known for their Formula 1 cars and this racing experience is one that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

                  Drive a Porsche

                  These cars are known for their speed and handling. Porsche is most famous for its high-performance sports cars, the 911 series in particular. Their designs vary from year to year but always keep with the traditional front engine rear wheel drive layout that has been used on most Porsches throughout history. View our Porsche driving experience days here.

                  Drive a Nissan GT-R

                  This car is the one that people compare other cars to. It has amazing grip which makes it perfect for corners and racing on tracks. The GT-R's twin turbo V6 engine produces 420bhp which will get you up to 60mph in 3 seconds. This car is extremely fun to drive, you can get behind the wheel in one here.

                  Drive an Aston Martin

                  The Aston Martin is a great car for racing on tracks with their powerful V8 engines and tight suspension, which provides the driver with plenty of feedback from the road. This makes them very easy to drive fast on race days or track days. You can get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin here.

                  Drive an Ariel Atom

                  The Ariel Atom is a car manufactured by the Ariel Motor Company of Somerset, England which is available as both a road-going sports car and as a track day car. The latest models are currently powered by an American-built 303 bhp 3.5 litre V8 built by General Motors, whereas older models used Honda K20 engines of 2.0 and 2.2 litre capacity giving between 190 and 240 bhp to the rear wheels through a six-speed gearbox.

                  Drive an Audi R8

                  Audi has focused closely on the design of this model. It is just pure sex appeal! The Audi R8 made its public debut at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show, and was in full production by 2007. This car is very good for track days due to its fast acceleration and great suspension which provides you with lots of feedback from the road. You can get behind the wheel of an Audi R8 here.

                  Junior Supercar Driving

                  Any young boy's dream would be to drive a supercar; now they can, thanks to junior supercar driving days. These experience days include both boys and girls, as young as eight years old, and both will drive a supercar. Maybe you can take your son or daughter out for a supercar driving experience on their 18th birthday as a gift, and they can drive their dream car. You will probably never be able to buy your child the same gift again, something they will never forget.

                  Loads more driving experiences to choose from

                  Looking for more driving experience gift ideas? We have them! Choose from a range of other driving experiences.

                  Rally Driving Experience Days

                  An exhilarating and utterly thrilling driving experience, the rally driving experience puts you at the wheel of a full-blown, high-performance rally car. You'll be taught how to drive it by an expert and then set loose on an actual race circuit to put your newfound skills into practice. If you're ready for the ultimate thrill and adventure, then this is a perfect gift for anyone who loves the speed and action of high-performance driving.

                  Classic Car Driving Experience Days

                  If you want to go back in time, at least as far as transport goes, then a classic car driving experience gift could be just the ticket. You'll get behind the wheel of your very own classic sports car and tear up the tarmac as you enjoy all that classic motoring has to offer, with none of the drawbacks.

                  Drifting Experiences Days

                  How about an experience where you'll see if you have what it takes to drift around an actual circuit in a real, full-sized car? With the chance to take complete control of how much power is sent to each wheel and so affect the direction of your car as you fly round the bend. If this sounds like just what you've been looking for, then a drifting experience could be the perfect driving experience for you.

                  Karting Experiences

                  Our karting experiences are great for all ages because most of our circuits offer two types of karts, slow and fast. So whether you're eight years old or 80 years young, there's something to suit every age group. When you take your place in the kart, it may be small, but that certainly will not impede your performance. Thanks to go-kart technology, you'll be amazed by how much power these tiny vehicles have and how quickly they accelerate.

                  Quad Biking Experiences

                  Quad bike driving experiences and especially quad biking holidays can be a fantastic way to get close to nature. If you want the real thrill of riding your quad bike, but without having to worry about maintenance, insurance or road tax, then these days are perfect for you.

                  Tank Driving Experiences

                  If the idea of driving a tank appeals to you, then we can arrange it so such an experience becomes a reality. You'll take control of these mighty machines and learn precisely what it takes to master such a powerful piece of military hardware.

                  Truck Driving Experiences

                  Though it's not quite the same as actually being a fully-fledged lorry driver, these truck driving experiences are for anyone who wants to try their hand at steering one of these machines. You'll get to know how they handle and what you need to do to keep them headed in the right direction. You might even find yourself doing something amazing and taking your newfound skills onto the open roads.

                  4×4 Offroad Driving Experiences

                  If off-road driving is more your thing, then you should check out our range of 4×4 experiences. You'll get a chance to drive a powerful four-wheel-drive vehicle and master the art of negotiating rugged terrain without getting stuck in the mud!