Single Seater Experience Days

The ultimate goal for each aspiring race car driver is to reach Formula One. A lot of feeder championships lie in the way of a Formula One victory, however. Through sheer will, mental toughness, and an unwavering focus on excellence, rising stars in Formula Renault and Formula 2 fight their way to the top of their respective grids throughout the world.

Step up to the top of your game with this incredible Formula One-inspired driving experience and find out whether you have what it takes.  Our collection of single-seater driving sessions at a variety of UK circuits will have you drooling and bursting with anticipation. Getting dressed is required. The visor should be lowered. Murry Walker would exclaim, “And it’s GO!GO!GO!”

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                  Driving in a Single-Seater

                  Take your driving to the next level in a single-seater aerodynamic vehicle that can go from 0-60 in under five seconds and reaches a peak speed of 165mph! Forget Ferrari or McLaren; this is the closest you can get to racing in Formula One without joining up!

                  Driving A Single-Seater And A Supercar

                  Add a few other automobiles to the mix if you're not satisfied with just one thrill-seeking driving experience! Experience a multicar driving frenzy with a selection of the top supercars! How will they stack up against each other? Who knows? Jeremy Clarkson-inspired evaluations will get you a ton of brownie points with your coworkers.

                  How Hard Is It Drive A Single Seater?