Animal Experience Days

Ready to unleash your inner Dr. Dolittle? Get a unique look into the animal kingdom with our varied assortment of unforgettable day out experiences. Whether you want to stroll through the scientific marvel that is ZSL London Zoo or plunge into the mysterious underwater realms at an aquarium, we’ve got something that’ll make any animal aficionado’s heart sing!

Grab this chance to have close encounters of the furry kind that will make you cherish your love for animals even more. It’s the perfect way to treat the critter lover in your life to an experience they’ll never forget!

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From Cuddly to Curious: Diverse Animal Experiences

Craving an animal expedition that packs a punch? How about getting up close and personal with a variety of creatures—from towering giraffes to squirming mini beasts? Prepare yourself for an animal escapade that’s close to home but feels like a whole new world. Ever wanted to be a zookeeper for a day?

Or perhaps you’d like to witness dolphins leaping from the ocean in a breathtaking dolphin-watching experience? Don’t forget about hanging with those cheeky meerkats! Set off on your animal-themed escapade today!

Family Fun: Animal Adventures for Everyone

Planning a family day out and looking to sprinkle in a dash of wildlife wonder? From meeting mighty lions and tigers to getting silly with primates and being amazed by scaly reptiles, it’s a day of learning and fun combined. Wander through the captivating Paradise Wildlife Park to discover endangered and exotic residents, or enjoy a bird’s-eye view with some incredible birds of prey at a falconry.

Who needs a safari when you can make new animal friends so close to home? Get ready for a family-friendly adventure where memories are just waiting to be made!


What are Animal Encounter Experiences?

Animal Encounter Experiences are immersive activities where you can get up close and personal with various animals, including wildlife, zoo animals, and even exotic creatures. These experiences allow you to interact with animals in a controlled and educational environment.

How can I purchase Animal Encounter Experience gift vouchers?

You can purchase Animal Encounter Experience gift vouchers online through our website or visit our physical location. Simply select the type of encounter you’d like to gift and follow the instructions to purchase the voucher.

What types of animals can I encounter with these vouchers?

Our Animal Encounter Experiences may include encounters with a wide range of animals, such as zoo animals, exotic species, marine life, and more. Specific animals available may vary depending on the location and package you choose.

Are these experiences suitable for all ages?

Yes, many of our Animal Encounter Experiences are suitable for all ages, but some may have age restrictions for safety reasons. Be sure to check the details of each encounter to find one that suits your group’s age and preferences.

Do I need to make a reservation for my animal encounter?

Yes, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance to ensure availability for your desired date and time. Reservations can usually be made online or by contacting our customer service team.

What safety measures are in place during animal encounters?

Your safety and the well-being of the animals are our top priorities. We have trained staff and strict safety protocols in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Please follow all provided guidelines during your encounter.

Can I purchase gift vouchers for specific animal species?

While some experiences may focus on specific animal species, our gift vouchers typically offer a range of animal encounter options. You can choose a general animal encounter voucher, and the recipient can select their preferred experience.

Are these encounters educational?

Yes, many Animal Encounter Experiences are educational and provide insights into the behaviors, habitats, and conservation efforts related to the animals you’ll encounter. It’s a great way to learn while having fun.

What should I wear for an animal encounter?

It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes suitable for walking. Depending on the encounter, you may receive specific guidelines on attire, so be sure to check in advance.

Can I bring my camera or smartphone to capture the experience?

In most cases, you can bring a camera or smartphone to capture your animal encounter, but there may be restrictions on the use of flash photography or additional equipment. Check with the staff on-site for guidelines.

What is the duration of an average animal encounter experience?

The duration of an animal encounter experience can vary widely depending on the specific package and location. Some encounters may last a few hours, while others may be a full-day adventure. Check the details of your chosen experience for the estimated duration.

Are gift vouchers transferable or refundable?

Gift voucher policies may vary by provider, but many are transferable to another recipient. Refund policies also differ, so it’s essential to review the terms and conditions of the voucher before purchase.

Can I combine multiple gift vouchers for a larger group experience?

In many cases, you can combine multiple gift vouchers to create a larger group experience. However, it’s best to check with the provider to ensure compatibility and availability for your preferred group size.

Are there any special requirements for participants with disabilities?

We strive to make our animal encounters accessible to all. Please inform us of any specific requirements or disabilities when making a reservation, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.