Go Karting Experience Days

Ready to zoom through life, not just your weekdays? Go-karting offers adrenaline junkies of all ages a magical escape valve for all that pent-up energy. It’s not just about the fastest route, the gutsiest overtaking moves, or last-minute brake anchoring. Nope! It’s about that delicious thrill of victory and, of course, earning those much-coveted bragging rights amongst your gang.

Gather your mates and family, and dive into one of our sensational go-karting experiences today!

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Go-Karting on an Indoor Track

When it comes to go-karting, you don't want to get drenched or blown away by a gust of wind during your stay in the UK's weather. Get your adrenaline pumping at one of the UK's greatest karting tracks, hand-picked by our staff for their unmatched quality, in an indoor facility designed just for this purpose.

Buckmore Park's Go-Karting

Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, and Johnny Herbert are just a few of the names that spring to mind when you think about Formula One. Just a few of the legendary Formula One drivers that have passed through Buckmore Park in Kent's ranks. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, then a 390cc, 70 mph pocket rocket is just up your alley!

Exciting Go-Kart Rides for Two People

Go-karting for two is a thrilling event you won't soon forget. Whether you're searching for a romantic date or a chance to connect with your closest friend, this is the greatest option for you. You can get your blood pumping with some friendly rivalry at one of the UK's most renowned karting circuits, and then reward yourself with a delicious lunch (where you can boast about those wonderful spins after your magnificent victory, of course!).

The Go-Karting Spots You Can’t Miss

From the world-class circuits like Buckmore Park to a wide array of exhilarating indoor tracks, we’ve got the ultimate go-karting experiences you don’t wanna miss! Be it a birthday blast or a plain ol’ day out, the real fun kicks in the moment you put on that helmet and see the green lights flashing.

Indoor Go-Karting

Let’s be real, the British weather often plays spoilsport. Why risk a rained-out day when you can speed through an indoor track, right? So go full throttle in a purpose-designed indoor heaven, carefully selected from the crème de la crème of UK karting venues. Trust us, it’s a riot!

Live the Dream at Buckmore Park

Ever heard of Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton? These F1 legends started their journey at Buckmore Park in Kent. From team endurance battles to evening races, fasten your seatbelt for a 70mph, 390cc ride in a pocket rocket that’ll leave you buzzing!

Go-Karting Experiences for Duos

Grab a mate or a date and opt for one of our unforgettable go-karting experiences for two! It’s a fab way to bond, compete, and shoot the breeze. Cap off your amazing day with a sumptuous meal out, where you can recount your incredible turns and claim your well-deserved victory!


What is a Go Karting Experience Day?

A Go Karting Experience Day is an adrenaline-packed adventure on a racing track. Perfect for speed enthusiasts and those looking for a unique experience gift, it offers the thrill of competitive racing in a safe environment.

Who is the Go Karting Experience Day Suitable For?

Go Karting Experience Days are suitable for everyone—kids, adults, families, and even corporate teams looking for team-building activities. It’s a versatile experience gift that caters to a wide audience.

How Do I Purchase a Gift Voucher for a Go Karting Experience Day?

Getting your hands on a gift voucher is a breeze. You can choose between electronic or postal delivery for your voucher.

What Types of Racing Tracks are Available?

We offer both indoor karting and outdoor karting tracks. Whether you’re looking for the controlled environment of an indoor track or the natural elements of an outdoor track, we’ve got you covered.

What Should I Wear for the Go Karting Experience?

Comfort and safety are paramount. Wear closed-toe shoes and casual clothing. Racing suits and safety gear will be provided at the venue.

How Long Does the Go Karting Experience Last?

The duration of the experience varies, but most sessions last around 30 to 60 minutes. This includes time for gearing up and receiving safety instructions.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement?

Yes, there is usually a minimum age requirement, often starting at 8 or 10 years old. Make sure to check the specifics when purchasing your gift vouchers.

What Safety Measures are in Place?

Safety is our top priority. All participants are provided with racing suits, helmets, and other necessary safety gear. Plus, a safety briefing is conducted before the start of any session.

Can I Record My Lap Times?

Absolutely! Recording lap times is part of the fun and adds a competitive edge to the experience. It’s a great way to measure your speed and improvement over time.

Can I Bring Spectators to the Go Karting Experience?

Yes, spectators are generally welcome. It’s a family fun event, so feel free to bring along friends and family to cheer you on.