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Do you love the 90s? The Crystal Maze is back! Experience the hit TV show in real life with a live experience. You will be guided through four zones by an expert Maze Master, gathering crystals along the way and then to the Crystal Dome where you can win tokens for your team. Slip-on your best jumpsuit and get ready for an unforgettable day out!

Are you ready to take on this once-in-a-lifetime challenge? Gather a group of friends together and book today! With different packages available, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a birthday party or corporate event, we have got something that will make it one to remember. So what are you waiting for? Get booking now before all tickets sell out!

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Crystal Maze Experiences Are Exciting!

You can now live out your childhood dream of entering into this iconic maze and completing all its challenges with your mates for that ultimate bragging rights moment – you’ve done it!

And don’t worry if you haven't seen every episode as we have made sure there are plenty of clues around so even those who aren't familiar with the original series will be able to work their way through each zone successfully – but only if you work together as a team…it's not just about getting from A-B, it's how you get there that matters most!

So what are you waiting for? Get booking today and make some memories that'll last a lifetime at THE CRYSTAL MAZE LIVE EXPERIENCE!!

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What is a Crystal Maze Experience?

The Crystal Maze experience is an adventure game that involves a combination of physical challenges, skill games, and puzzles. It offers an interactive experience where players navigate through various maze zones within a time-limited setting.

Who Can Participate in the Crystal Maze?

Crystal Maze is perfect for everyone. It’s especially popular as an experience gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or even team-building events. From adults to teens, anyone who enjoys intellectual games and obstacle courses can participate.

How Do I Buy Gift Vouchers for the Crystal Maze?

Buying gift vouchers is straightforward. Navigate to our website, select the “Experience Gifts” section, and then choose “Crystal Maze.” Gift vouchers offer flexibility, allowing the recipient to book at their convenience.

Can the Experience be Customized for Groups?

Yes, the Crystal Maze can be customized to suit group needs. If you’re looking for a team-building exercise, it’s a brilliant way to blend strategy games and physical challenges for a memorable experience.

Is the Crystal Maze Time-Limited?

Yes, participants are given a set amount of time to complete various puzzles and physical challenges in different maze zones. It adds the element of excitement and urgency to the experience.

What Types of Challenges are in the Crystal Maze?

The maze comprises various types of challenges including intellectual games, obstacle courses, and skill games. Each section tests different skills, offering a well-rounded, interactive experience.

Do I Need to Prepare for the Crystal Maze?

A bit of preparation never hurts. Some people like to practice mystery rooms or skill games beforehand, but mostly you need enthusiasm and a willingness to participate in an adventure game setting.

Are There Any Age Restrictions?

Generally, the experience is suitable for teenagers and adults. However, some maze zones might have age-specific puzzles and physical challenges. Always check the rules before booking.

What Should I Wear for the Crystal Maze?

Comfortable clothing is recommended. The Crystal Maze is an adventure game involving physical activities like obstacle courses, so dress accordingly.

How Many People Can Participate at Once?

The number of participants can vary depending on the maze zones and the level of customization. Generally, the more, the merrier, especially for team-building events.

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