Go Ape Adventure Experiences

Go Ape, Go Wild! Are you ready to unleash your inner Tarzan? From the bustling energy of Go Ape London to the picturesque landscapes of Wales and Scotland, we’ve got an adventure that’s just your speed! Whether you’re a tiny tot or a grown-up gorilla, our Go Ape gift vouchers offer action-packed experiences that include everything from Treetop Challenges to Axe Throwing. So, why just go out when you can Go Ape?

Treetop Challenge for Thrill-seekers

Ready to level up your courage? Treetop Challenge is the granddaddy of aerial courses, tailor-made for the daring at heart. Brace yourself for gut-wrenching Tarzan swings, vertigo-inducing zip lines, and canopy walks that’ll have you gripping for dear life! Ideal for adrenaline junkies taller than 1.4 meters, this is no place for the faint-hearted.

Treetop Adventure

Oh, but we’ve got something for the little chimps too! Imagine squiggly bridges and zipline finales that will have you buzzing for days. Aimed at the young family, Treetop Adventure is perfect for everyone above one meter tall. Go ahead, cheer for your kids or better yet, swing alongside them!

Treetop Adventure+ for Older Children

But wait, there’s more! Treetop Adventure+ is perfect for the slightly taller mini-me’s who want to take their fun up a notch. Think higher platforms and wilder zips! Perfect for children over 1.2 meters tall, this adventure offers more thrills, more freedom, and yes, more height!

Nets Adventure at Go Ape

Looking for some bouncy fun? Nets Adventure is a playground in the sky filled with inflatable balls that’ll have your little ones jumping with joy. And when they’re ready to come back down? Why, they can slide their way back to terra firma in style!

Why Not Try a Zip Trekking Adventure?

Ever dreamt of flying? With our Zip Trekking Adventure, soar over the treetops and take in the beauty of the Lake District like never before. Whether you’re a solo flier or racing with a buddy, this aerial escapade will leave an indelible mark on your adventure-loving heart.

Axe Throwing Outdoors

Channel your inner lumberjack and make some wood chips fly! Our Axe Throwing experience pairs you with a skilled instructor who’ll help you aim, throw, and maybe, just maybe, hit that bullseye. It’s not just about strength but technique, so prepare for an hour of sharpening your hatchet-throwing skills.

Take a Ride on a Segway at Go Ape

Fancy something a bit more grounded? Glide through the forest on a high-tech segway. After mastering the basics, venture into the wild on an hour-long ride across rugged trails and beautiful woodlands. It’s a day out that offers an adventurous twist and a glimpse of Britain’s stunning countryside.

So grab a voucher and come find your inner ape! Your treetop adventure awaits! 🌳🦍


Age & Eligibility Concerns:

Can adults go on Go Ape?

Totally! Go Ape isn’t just for the kiddos, adults can swing through the trees too!

What age is Go Ape aimed at?

It’s a jungle gym for all ages! Although some activities have specific age limits, Go Ape overall welcomes everyone from little monkeys to silverback gorillas.

Can a 15 year old go to Go Ape?

Yes siree! But remember, teens under 16 usually need a supervising adult nearby.

What is the minimum age for Go Ape?

That depends on the adventure. Some have a minimum age of 10, but always check specific activity details.

What age is Go Ape margam park for?

The minimum age is for the Go Ape margam park is 10 and up.

What age is tree top challenge for?

Typically, Tree Top Challenge is for those aged 10 and up, but age restrictions can vary.

Do they ask for ID at Go Ape?

Not typically, but if age is in question, it’s always good to be prepared!

Weight & Physical Requirements:

Am I too heavy for Go Ape?

There are weight limits, typically around 20.5 stones (130kg).

What is the maximum weight at Go Ape?

Usually around 20.5 stones (130kg) but always check before you go!

Is Go Ape physically hard?

It’s a workout, but more like a fun playground workout. Your muscles might say “hello” the next day!

Safety & Incidents:

Has anyone fallen off Go Ape UK?

Safety’s their jam! While minor incidents can happen, Go Ape has a strong safety record.

Can you do Go Ape if you’re scared of heights?

Sure, but it might be a squeal-filled experience! It’s a great way to challenge those fears.

Can you do Go Ape with a broken arm?

Probably not the best idea. Healing first, monkeying around later!

Dress Code & Personal Items:

Can I wear a bum bag, jeans, glasses, boots, or a dress to Go Ape?

Glasses, bum bag, jeans, boots? Go for it! A dress? Might be a tad breezy up there!

What not to wear to Go Ape?

Loose scarves, open-toed shoes, or your favorite party outfit. Think comfort and safety!

Do you need gloves for Go Ape?

They can be handy for gripping, but not a must.

Activity Details & Features:

Is the Go Ape Treetop challenge for adults?

Absolutely! Adults can and should get their Tarzan on!

How long can you stay at Go Ape?

Usually, around 2-3 hours, depending on the activity and how much monkeying around you do!

What is the difference between TreeTop challenge and TreeTop adventure?

  • TreeTop Challenge: This one’s for the adrenaline junkies and those looking to push their limits. It’s a series of high-rope courses, often set at greater heights and with more physically demanding obstacles.
  • TreeTop Adventure: Picture this as a family day out where everyone from little Timmy to Grandma can have a go (within the safety guidelines, of course). The obstacles are set at lower heights, making them accessible for younger participants.

How hard is Go Ape TreeTop challenge?

It’s a bit more challenging than the Adventure, but you’ve got this!

How long does TreeTop challenge take?

Roughly 2-3 hours of swinging fun.

Which Go Ape is the hardest or best in the UK?

It’s subjective! Each location offers a unique experience. Best to check reviews or ask local primates.

What is the height restriction at Go Ape?

Varies by activity, but there’s usually a minimum height requirement, often around 1.4m.

Are all the go apes the same?

Each location has its own unique vibe and challenges. Variety is the spice of the jungle!

What is the longest zip wire in the UK?

That honor might not belong to Go Ape. Zip World Velocity is the longest.

What does Go Ape have to offer?

Tree-climbing, zip-lining, and a bananas amount of fun in the great outdoors!

Other Concerns & Miscellaneous:

Is Go Ape a good date idea?

If you both like adventure, it’s a fantastic date! Just maybe skip the spaghetti beforehand.

Does Go Ape have changing rooms or showers?

Many sites don’t, so embrace the wild look!

Is Go Ape indoor or outdoor?

Outdoor! Perfect for breathing in that fresh jungle… erm, forest air.

What do you wear to Go Ape on a hot day?

Breathable clothing, closed shoes, and maybe a bandana to look extra cool.

What are monkey boots for?

Sturdy footwear with a fun name! They’re not specific to Go Ape, but rather a type of boot that’s been around.

How many calories do you burn in Go Ape?

Depends on the activity and your exertion, but swinging from trees is definitely more of a workout than swinging in a hammock!

Is Go Ape on blue light card?

They’ve had discounts in the past, but always worth checking the latest deals.

Who are Go Ape competitors?

There are other adventure parks out there, but Go Ape is one of a kind!

Is there a cheaper version of Go Ape?

There might be smaller local treetop adventures. Shop around and see what suits your vine-swinging budget.

Can you train yourself to not be afraid of heights?

Yes, exposure therapy can help. Start small, build confidence, and soon you’ll be on top of the world (or at least a tall tree)!