Skydiving & Parachuting Experiences

When it comes to adventure, not all thrills are created equal. There’s a big difference between bungee jumping and skydiving or parachuting. For one thing, the latter two offer much longer periods of free-fall before you engage your parachute and land safely on terra firma. Skydivers and parachutists also have an opportunity to enjoy the view from high altitudes and experience sensations that few other thrill-seekers ever get to know.

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                  What To Expect From Your Skydiving Experience?

                  Here's what you can expect if you happen into one of these skydiving experiences: You will be hooked up with gear that includes a specialized jumpsuit, helmet, goggles (to protect against debris), gloves (for warmth), boots (also for warmth) and a parachute harness. The next thing you know, you're being whisked off to an aeroplane above the clouds. This is new territory for most people, so it helps to have a guide who can settle your nerves through some small talk, keep the mood light with jokes and offer some pointers on how to perform certain manoeuvres once you are ready for them.

                  Once at altitude, the fun begins. Your instructor will hook you up to him or herself so that they can show you how to manoeuvre your way out of the plane with grace and ease. Once outside of the aircraft, first-timers are often surprised by how peaceful everything looks from up high – until they experience their first rush of adrenaline as they free-fall toward Earth!  Read more info on skydiving here.

                  Other Adventure Activities

                  Need some more inspiration? We have a couple of adventure experiences which you may find suitable:

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                  • Climbing – This activity is truly deserving of its title as one of the most extreme sports. It requires an immense amount of strength and courage, but if you succeed, you'll be rewarded with an incredible feeling of euphoria and accomplishment.
                  • Paintballing – Paintball is a great way to blow off steam and let out your competitive spirit. You'll be taken care of by trained professionals who will make sure you have lots of fun.
                  • Karting – If you want a thrill ride with a difference, karting is an excellent way to let off steam and have some fun. It's the closest thing to F1 racing that most of us will ever experience.
                  • Zip Lining –  Take a trip from treetop to treetop in our zip lining courses near me. It's brilliant fun for you and your friends, but make sure you bring a camera with you!
                  • Off-Road Driving – If you love cars, then this activity is for you. There are no speed limits on the off-road tracks near me, so you'll have to work hard with our instructors to negotiate them safely.
                  • Escape Rooms –  You can't get more epic than this! In our escape games, you'll find yourself in a series of rooms with a group of your closest friends. You must use teamwork and brainpower to crack codes, solve riddles and escape before time runs out!
                  • Hovercraft – Get ready to feel the wind in your hair – or not, depending on how smooth you drive! This experience is one that everyone should try once in their lives. You'll go from zero to 60mph in seconds and then glide above the ground for a brilliant view of everything around you.
                  • Tank Driving –  If you've seen the movies, then this experience is going to be a blast! Take control of a tank and make your way around a series of obstacles, keeping your speed up as much as possible.
                  • Rally Car Rides –  If you've ever wanted to experience what it's like behind the wheel of a car capable of speeds over 200mph, then this is your chance. You'll get to feel what it's like to be an actual rally driver!
                  • Army Days  – You and your mates will experience a day in the life of an army recruit. There is no telling what you might come across on the course..

                  So there you have it – different adventure sports near me that are sure to be a memorable experience! These activities are ideal for individuals, groups or even families. You'll have a brilliant time with your friends, so check out the website today to discover more!