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About Leicestershire

Leicestershire is one of the forty-seven counties of England, United Kingdom, with its capital at Leicester. Located in the East Midlandse region it is bordered to the north by Nottinghamshire, to the east by Lincolnshire and Rutland, to the south by Northamptonshire, to the southwest by Warwickshire and to the northwest by Derbyshire. 1 ​2about this sound It occupies an area of ​​2,156 km² and its population is 1,031,000 inhabitants (2016).

In the center of the county and on the banks of the River Soar is the city of Leicester, an industrial and administrative hub from which the county takes its name. In this city are the tombs of King Richard III of England and Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

The Soar River crosses the region from north to south and divides it into two parts; to the west there are plenty of established farms as well as a shoe industry and pharmaceuticals. In the eastern part where the lands are high, there is the raising of cattle and dairy products, as well as iron ore.

Leicestershire appears already in the old records. It then had four subdivisions that later became seven. The boundaries of the county have not changed since its origins. Although its status was revoked in 1974, since 1986 the City of Leicester has been a separate administrative unit within the county of Leicestershire.


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