Hovercrafting Experiences

The hovercraft is a gift that someone would never forget. The hovercraft is the most exhilarating, awe-inspiring and exciting gift you can give to a person who loves adventure. Imagine how happy they will be when you present them with this amazing gift! Who wouldn’t want to experience their own personal hovercraft? It’s an experience that will last for years and years in the memory of any recipient. This is why it makes such a great gift idea for birthdays or holidays or any occasion at all really because it has so many uses from recreation to work use. Anyone who gets one as a gift will cherish it always and no matter what happens, they’ll know deep down inside that they have been given something very special.

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Some History Of The Hovercraft

The hovercraft is a vehicle that travels over land, water, ice, or snow. It is just like an aeroplane that flies with the use of fans instead of propellers. No roads are needed for this type of transportation because it hovers above the ground. The first commercial hovercraft was created by Sir Christopher Cockerell in 1959 and made its maiden voyage across the English Channel in 1963. Nowadays they are used to going on tours around lakes and rivers as well as for military purposes.

The Hovercraft Gift Experience is an interactive tour where you will learn about how these vehicles work firsthand from our expert guides who have each been working with them their entire lives! You can even take control of yourself during your experience if you want!

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Give someone special an experience they won't forget with these thrilling gift ideas that are available throughout the year. Whether it's for their birthday, Christmas or just because, they're sure to have an out-of-this-world time!