Aerobatic Flight Experience Days

We’ve got a wide variety of incredible flying activities, including wing-walking and aerobatics. For the trip of your life, take the controls of a prop or jet from our fleet and push yourself to the utmost. It’s also possible to take a wild ride up one of the wings to get the greatest view in the house! There’s no reason why you can’t go on a new flying experience from one of the many airports around the U.K.   It’s also a great way to show your love for aviation to a friend or family member. Keep in mind, however, that fear and inhibitions must be left on the ground.

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Aerobatics Experiences

Prepare yourself for a day of extreme g-forces and gravity-defying acrobatics on the brink of control, from spirals and flips to barrel rolls. If you're bold enough, you may even get to play with the controller under the cautious eye of the pilot.

Take a Risk on Your Nerves by Trying Out Wing Walking

How do you improve your aerobatic flying? Wing walking on the top of an aircraft is an amazing way to add a dash of crazy to your vacation. An average of 3 times your body mass in g-force will be felt, along with rates of up to 150mph and spectacular manoeuvres meant to put your psyche through its paces. It doesn't matter whether it's a bucket list item or a present for a friend adrenaline junkie, you can be certain that it's going to be an incredible experience.

So, What Exactly Is This Thing Called “Wing Walking?”

You'll be able to walk on the wing of a historic aircraft as part of a wing-walking experience. You'll first be fitted into a five-point harness. You'll see the aircraft do low-level flypasts between 100 and 700 feet as soon as you're in the air. The aircraft will be travelling between 80 and 110 mph on average.

What Type of Aircraft Does the Wing Walking take place on?

The Boeing Stearman is a popular biplane for these wing-walking adventures.


What is an Aerobatic Flight Experience Day?

An Aerobatic Flight Experience Day is a thrill-seeking adventure where participants get to experience various air maneuvers and stunts such as barrel rolls, loop-the-loops, and tailspins. The experience is conducted by an acrobatic pilot in an aircraft specifically designed for stunt flying.

Who can participate in Aerobatic Flight Experience Days?

Most people can participate in Aerobatic Flight Experience Days. However, there are age and health restrictions to consider. Usually, participants must be in good health to handle the G-forces and high-G movements involved in the aerobatic stunts.

How safe are Aerobatic Flight Experience Days?

Safety is the top priority. The aircraft used are specifically built for aerobatic maneuvers and stunt flying. Each acrobatic pilot is highly trained and skilled in performing stunts, ensuring the safety of participants throughout the experience.

Can I perform the maneuvers myself during the experience?

Generally, the maneuvers are performed by a trained acrobatic pilot. However, some programs might offer a supervised hands-on experience in the cockpit, allowing you to perform basic air maneuvers under guidance.

How long does the Aerobatic Flight Experience last?

The typical duration for an Aerobatic Flight Experience is between 20 to 30 minutes. This allows enough time for participants to experience a range of sky aerobatics and air maneuvers, fully experiencing the G-forces involved.

Do I need any prior flying experience?

No prior flying experience is required. The acrobatic pilot will handle all the intricate stunts and high-G movements, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the experience.

Are there any specific clothing requirements for the experience?

It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes. Loose items should be avoided to ensure they don’t interfere during inverted flights and other aerial stunts.

Can I get a video or photos of my Aerobatic Flight Experience?

Yes, many providers offer video and photo packages that capture your thrill-seeking moments in the cockpit as you experience various air maneuvers and stunts.

How does the gravity force feel during aerobatic maneuvers?

During the Aerobatic Flight Experience, you will feel varying levels of G-forces. These forces are particularly strong during high-G maneuvers like loop-the-loops and barrel rolls.

Can I buy this as a gift voucher for someone else?

Absolutely, Aerobatic Flight Experience Days make for a fantastic gift for any thrill-seeker. Gift vouchers are generally available and offer the flexibility for the recipient to book the experience at their convenience.

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