Experience Boxes

Our experience boxes combine the perfect blend, allowing you to try new things while also providing the extra pleasure of receiving a tangible present. Our experience boxes come with an attractive booklet of gift ideas that you may use for a birthday, Christmas, or wedding present. As far as I know, they all share one thing: They’re a sure hit with everyone. Each box has its unique theme with a selection of hand-picked experiences around the UK and Europe. As a bonus, prices start at only £24.99. Bargain.

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For every taste, there is something to choose from. Restaurants such as Prezzo and Zizzi's are known for their reasonable prices. Want something a little different? That's OK. Many independent venues might be found as well. There's no need to hurry, either. A two-year expiration date gives your recipient enough time to plan their ideal vacation. If you buy an experience box, you can't fail.