Triple Movie Car Driving Thrill with a High Speed Passenger Ride

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Triple Movie Car Driving Thrill with a High Speed Passenger Ride


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    Drive the dream in your movie car heroes at tracks nationwide. Take your pick of any three from 14 iconic silver screen motors! Maybe you'll go for the Transformers stars Bumblebee and Barricade, known in the real world as the Chevy Camaro ZL1 and Ford Mustang GT, or perhaps you'll pick your trio from the Fast and Furious garage: The retro Camaro SS, the mind-bendingly fast R35 Nissan GT-R, the drift champion Toyota Supra Turbo and the classic R34 Nissan Skyline. If those aren't to your taste, how about the gorgeous Audi R8 or sleek Aston Martin Vantage for a more refined V8 experience than its US V8 counterparts. When you know which three you'll go for, you'll receive a thorough safety briefing before being unleashed onto the track with expert instructor in tow, giving pro tips on handling your car through the twists and turns of the circuit. Six hair-raising miles in each of your cars will allow you to get to know their quirks and enjoy the crazy grip in the corners, severe acceleration into full-speed straights and the extreme braking back into the corners. When you've finished your allotted miles you'll receive a full review session where you get to see all the photos and video footage the team captured of your drive.