Sushi Experiences

Nigiri, Saki, Maki, Sashimi – all these words will make the mouth watering of lovers of the most famous Japanese specialty. No wonder: We are talking about the trend dish sushi, which is becoming increasingly popular. Do your friends rave about the little delicacies? Then a visit to exclusive sushi restaurants all over UK is the ideal idea to make your loved ones really shine. Enjoy the meal!

Sushi restaurants for real gourmets

Five Course Tasting Menu and a Bottle of Wine for Two at Iro SushiYes, in recent years many dishes from all over the world have made it to the UK. But among all the delicacies, not a single specialty has made such a triumphant advance as sushi. The reasons for this are easy to find: Sushi tastes delicious, filling, is particularly healthy thanks to a lot of protein and little fat and on top of that does not burden the digestive tract. Last but not least, the small delicacies naturally also offer the advantage that you can enjoy a multitude of varieties and thus a wide range of flavors in a single visit to sushi restaurants.

How did sushi originate: the history of sushi in Japan

But what historical development has actually brought us the delicate food trend of sushi restaurants? The journey back in time to the origins of sushi leads back many centuries to ancient Japan. People once used rice to preserve their fish and thus make it longer lasting. After storage, however, the rice turned out to be inedible to the regret of the later sushi founders. An essential step on the way to today’s sushi was made in the 16th century. Around this time the Japanese began to acidify the rice with vinegar and were able to eat it from now on. In the 19th century, sushi was first prepared in bite-sized portions with raw fish: the specialty that you can enjoy in numerous sushi restaurants today was born!

Sushi varieties: Delicious variety without limits

With today’s variety of sushi varieties, there is something for everyone:

  • Nigri
  • Maki
  • Sashimi
  • Futomaki

One of the best-known and most popular varieties is the California Roll, in which a wide range of ingredients from fish to seafood to vegetables can be hidden under a thick rice roll. With Futomaki, the outermost layer of the little delicacy consists of a whole nori sheet that is shaped like a small bag and can contain rice and various ingredients. The filling can be very different: with fish, without fish, vegetarian, with tofu and fresh vegetables or even fruity – the possibilities are almost unlimited. The Hosomaki makes do with one ingredient and only half a nori sheet. It can be filled with salmon, for example. Last but not least, nigiri, which can be roughly translated as “rice ball”, is also very popular.

Discover sushi restaurants in the UK

With these descriptions you got an appetite and would like to storm the nearest sushi restaurants? Your loved ones will certainly do the same when you invite them to first-class sushi restaurants! So that you cut an excellent figure while eating sushi just like your friends, only two basic rules are missing for perfect sushi enjoyment. First of all, Japanese restaurants traditionally get by without cutlery. Instead, you grab it with your fingers or, alternatively, with chopsticks. Second, it is not the rice that is dipped into the soy sauce, but only the topping.

All questions answered? Then you just have to choose one of the sushi restaurants at Unique Gifting. Whether you have your sushi voucher issued for a running sushi restaurant with a treadmill or decide on the variant served at the table is up to you, as is the choice of the time of day to which you invite your loved ones. Maybe the exotic sushi & wine is also the right thing for your friends? Let yourself be inspired by the large selection of sushi restaurants at Unique Gifting!